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Smashing Apps

Episode 1:

Socrative, Plotagon, Kahoot & Numbots

Philip Stevenson 🇬🇧

London, United Kingdom


Philip tells us all about how he uses Socrative in his classroom to help with assessment and gauging pupil understanding of a topic in real time.

Emma Fourie 🇿🇦

East London, South Africa


Emma discusses her favourite app Plotagon which she uses for creating beautiful animations and short scenes across the whole curriculum.

Hannah Renfrew 🇬🇧

London, United Kingdom


Hannah shares Kahoot as a quick, colourful and fun way to give multiple-choice quizzes to her pupils as well as being able to assess their understanding afterwards.

Jacob Woolcock 🇬🇧

Cornwall, United Kingdom


Jacob talks about the new Numbots app and how this is improving number bonds and addition/subtraction skills in his primary school.