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Smashing Apps

Episode 2:

Adobe Spark, Pixabay, Popplet, Simple Learning Time & Video Delay

Simple Learning Time

Emma tells us a very inspiring story behind her app, Simple Learning Time and how she's transformed how she teachers her children to tell the time.

Matt Warne 🇬🇧

Worcester, United Kingdom

Video Delay

Matt talks about the app Video Delay which he uses to great effect in PE lessons throughout his school.

Sabe Gnanam 🇦🇪

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Adobe Spark & Pixabay

Sabe does a double and shares both Adobe Spark Video and also Pixabay, demonstrating how both have effectively enhanced his students creativity by allowing them to create fun and dynamic outcomes on the iPads.

Jacob Woolcock 🇬🇧

Cornwall, United Kingdom


In this episode I talk briefly about Popplet and how I've been using this app to create dynamic and eye-catching mind maps in my lessons.