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Live Demo: Making a QuickTips Video (from Start to Finish)

Right, let’s do this.

Every week since the 2019 Institute I’ve made a 60 second(ish) Quick Tips video – designed to teach my colleagues a new skill or tip for their iPads.  They’ve grown since then and are now shared widely within our community and beyond.  I’m thrilled that these little videos have taken on such a life of their own and at the time of writing they’ve been viewed over 65,000 times on Youtube.

So I thought (given I’m making one anyway), why not live-stream the process from start to finish?  We’re taking from the initial recording of the Memoji and the iPad screen itself to bringing both into Final Cut Pro X and going through the process of editing, tweaking, altering, polishing and exporting.  If people are still hanging around I can go through the thumbnail creation process in Adobe Photoshop CC too and even the uploading and keywords tagging on YouTube.  Literally from start to finish.  All my secrets shared (most of them anyway!).

I reckon this will take around an hour and a half.  It might be boring and nobody might come. Or there might be a few of there for a nice chat as I work.

I might have had a lot of coffee and be buzzing and talking nonsense.  Nobody knows.  But that makes it a little more exciting, right?

So yeah, if you’ve nothing else to do this Sunday or if you just fancy learning a bit about how I use Final Cut Pro to create these videos then add this to your calendar.  I can’t promise a slick and smooth presentation but you will see the entire process.  Maybe you can even help me choose the subject of the video (let me know in the comments if you’ve any ideas!).

Event will take place on Sunday 12th July 2020, starting at 1.45pm BST. Please send me a DM on Twitter for the Zoom link and password.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I am not a Final Cut Pro wizard. I will probably be doing things in a very awkward way and and sort of expert would probably laugh their head off watching me.

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