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Measure #QuickTip

How to measure your height using the LiDAR Scanner

1st November 2020

Jacob Woolcock

In this short tutorial I’ll show you how you can use the brand new LiDAR scanner on the iPhone 12 Pro, Pro Max and iPad Pro (2020) to quickly and accurately measure your height using the built in Measure app. It’s quick and simple, but super helpful!

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Video Transcript

Here’s an incredibly QuickTip about how you can use the LiDAR Scanner

on your iPhone or iPad to measure a persons height really easily.

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This really is simple – go straight onto the Measure app

that comes as standard with your iPhone or iPad

and hold the camera at a person.

You’ll be directed to move closer or perhaps further away,

And you need to make sure that the whole person is in the frame –

from their feet to the top of their head.

Now, as long as you’ve got a device with a LiDAR scanner –

we’re talking the iPhone 12 Pro series

or the 2020 iPad Pro and beyond,

you’ll be able to get an accurate reading of that persons height

very, very quickly – just like this.

After getting the measurement you can press the shutter button

(or the camera button) in the bottom corner

and that’ll get a screenshot for you of the person on screen with their height next to them.

This also works on people who aren’t freakishly tall like me,

For example my glamorous assistant here.

The readings are pretty accurate,

I’m actually about six foot four or six foot five,

So it’s only one or two centimetres off for me.

But that’s pretty good – and it’s certainly helpful to

be able to get a quick estimation of someone’s height.

Not a bad little feature for an app that comes built into your device.


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