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ClipDrop #QuickTip

Copy + Paste from Real Life Objects with ClipDrop

25th October 2020

Jacob Woolcock


In this short tutorial I’ll show you how you can use the brand new ClipDrop app (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/clipdrop-ar-copy-paste/id1512594879) to photograph real world objects and magically paste them onto your computer screen using advanced Machine Learning and Augmented Reality. Convert real objects to digital ones in seconds. I promise, you’ve never seen an app like this before.

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Video Transcript

Every now and then an app comes along that’s so cool and so brilliant

you almost have to stop everything you’re doing and download it straight away.

This is one of those apps.

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ClipDrop is a free app that you’ll need to install on your iPhone and your Mac.

This also works on Android and PC as well,

but I’m going to use my iMac for the demo.

When you’ve installed the app in both places you’re going to open it up on your phone

So what ClipDrop does is it photographs an object in front of the camera

– it then uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to remove any

trace of the background and it presents a really, really clear

Cut-out image to use in other applications.

Tap on the screen and the machine learning will be applied to cut the pencil out

really, really quickly.

Then I’m going to use my camera to point it towards the screen on my iMac

and I’m going to press the Drop button at the bottom.

That is then, amazingly, going to transfer that image

almost instantly to my Mac

and from there I can simply drag-and-drop it into my Keynote

and treat it like any other image.

It genuinely feels like magic, and if this isn’t the future I don’t know what is.

Let’s do it again to show you how easy this is. I’ve got a pair of scissors here,

I’m going to tap onto the camera to photograph those scissors,

it’s going to remove the background

and I’m then going to bring my iPhone up to my Mac screen

and I’m going to press Drop.

Just like that the scissors will show up with no background on my Mac screen.

One more time, so let’s go and get the glue stick.

Again, we’re going to get a photo of that glue stick to clip it out of the real world,

and we’re going to drop it on the Mac.

I’ve never seen an app like this before, but I can think of so many thousands of

possibilities to use this in my classroom and I’m sure in your life as well.

Now the app is free to begin with (you get ten clips for free)

but then you can subscribe to use it unlimited for a year or a month at a time.

Oh, and did I mention that you can even clip multiple objects at the same time

as long as they all fit inside that viewfinder?

I’ve tried it with two and three objects at the same time and it’s done an excellent job

removing the backgrounds from all of them.

The other great thing to note is that you can save your clips

To the Cloud Library that’s built into ClipDrop.

And if you do that you can open it up on any device where you’re signed in

to get those images immediately.

Or you can export it and save it in your Camera Roll

or send it as a Message – just like you would any image on iOS.


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