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Create Unique iPhone Wallpapers with Pastel

25th September 2022


| Pastel
iPhone 14 Pro
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iOS 16.1

Jacob Woolcock

25th September 2022

Jacob Woolcock



| Pastel
iPhone 14 Pro
IOS_16_icon copy
iOS 16.1

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Pastel is an incredible app that will let you create your own Wallpapers and Lock Screen images based on a colour palette of your choosing. You can automatically generate different variations and styles, ensuring that no two wallpapers will ever be the same. Spice up your iPhone Lock Screen today with your very own, custom-made, wallpapers.

You can download Pastel here:


Pastel is a really clever app that lets you save colour palettes that you like.

With a new update you can then turn these colour palettes into your own custom, one-of-a-kind, Wallpapers.

So here’s how it all works.

I’ll open up the Pastel app and you can see here there’s lots of different colour palettes that come with the app by default.

If I press the Plus button in the top Corner however, I can make my own colour palette.

I’ll call mine Wallpaper 1.

By pressing the Plus button again in the top corner you can then add your own colours into this palette.

Now, you can have as many or as few as you like – and there are lots of different ways to choose those colours.

At the top here you’ve got some different options, but I quite like using the colour circle and using my finger to drag and choose the colours I want.

I’m going to choose some kind of bluey-green and purple colours, and I’ll put an accent of orange in here as well to make it really pop.

As you’re choosing your colours you can select the brightness at the bottom as well, and as you start adding them to your palette you’ll see a live preview at the bottom of how that colour works with the other colours you’ve chosen already to make sure they harmonise nicely.

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Okay, that bit over!

When you’ve chosen the colours in your palette you can drag and drop to reposition them if you’d like to.

This is something you can come back to and explore later when you start making Wallpapers, because the older the colours go in affect how the Wallpaper turns out.

Now I’ve got my lovely colour palette here, I’m going to press the Export button at the bottom of my screen, and then I’m going to select Create Wallpaper.

From there we’re going to get a horizontally striped picture with all the colours that you’ve chosen, but if you press the Settings button at the bottom you’re going to see different options for how your Wallpaper can look.

There are seven options at the moment, including waves and dunes and ball pit.

As you tap on these and press Generate at the bottom you’ll get a live preview of that Wallpaper.

And better still, every time you press Generate it will create a new random version of that same template!

That means you can really explore this and fine tune it to get the exact Wallpaper you want.

I could go down and reverse the colours, add grain, and I could remember to generate more if I wanted a different layout.

But I’m actually really happy with how this looks – so I’m going to come off the editor and then press the Export button again.

This time we’ll save the image and that’s it – our new Wallpaper is saved in the Photos app!

It will be scaled automatically to fit the device you’re making it on, and then you can add it to your Lock Screen to create a stunning effect just like this.

You can now make unlimited Wallpapers using any colours you like, and you can really fine tune them using Pastel.

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This QuickTip video was recorded on an iPhone 14 Pro
running iOS 16.1.

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