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How to Draw On and Annotate your Boards

8th December 2022

Jacob Woolcock


Using Annotations are a great way to quickly write down your ideas and highlight sections of your Freeform board. Whether with your Apple Pencil or simply just a finger, Freeform has a suite of tools to help you express yourself quickly and easily. This short and easy-to-follow tutorial will get you up to speed with drawing and annotation in Freeform in no time at all.

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Video Transcript

Our Freeform Board is really coming on now, but let’s use our Apple Pencil to make this Board much more personal and give it a more handmade touch.

I’m simply going to tap my Pencil on the screen (or alternatively press the drawing button on the top toolbar).

From here you get that default palette of tools that you’re probably very used to by now, and then you can simply draw wherever you like on your Board.

You can use your drawings to add emphasis to certain things, you could perhaps make some handwritten notes if that’s quicker than typing, and you can create whatever you need to do on this Board.

You can use the fill colour tools, you can use the pencil, the crayon – all of those things work perfectly in Freeform.

In fact, you can even draw on top of things!

So for example the shape that I put in earlier of my shopping bag – I can very easily make that shopping bag into a Lego Store bag!

To me these annotation tools really shine when you start sharing documents with other people.

For example you can scribble a note just like this, and then whoever’s working with you on the document can simply respond right there in place.

In fact let’s have a look at collaboration next…

Join me in the next video and we’ll look at how we can link people to your Freeform Boards.


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