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Lock Screen #QuickTip

Personalise your Gradient Lock Screen

28th August 2022

Jacob Woolcock


With iOS 16 you can customise your Lock Screen in so, so many ways! A big one of those is to create stunning colour gradient wallpapers to use on your Lock Screen. You can customise exactly what colour and tint you like, how it fades from one to another and tweak every setting to get it to look exactly how you want. This short and easy-to-follow tutorial will talk you through the options so you can make yourself the perfect Lock Screen.

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Video Transcript

One of the many ways you can customise your Lock Screen is by using either a plain colour or a gradient, but those options are slightly hidden.

So here’s how it works.

A quick way to change your Lock Screen wallpaper is to pull down to Notification Centre and then tap and hold on the background.

Here this brings up the Lock Screen editor, and I’m going to make a new Wallpaper.

Now on the Gallery page at the bottom you’ve probably noticed there are some different gradient options – and these are really nicely chosen colours that would look great as your Wallpaper.

But if you’re anything like me it’s not quite the right colour, so let’s add our own by going back to the top of this page.

At the top we’ve got some coloured circles, and the very last one simply says Colour.

When we tap onto here we then get the colour picker and we can choose what background shade you want for your Lock Screen.

Now, you may notice as I’m changing these colours there’s a kind of gradient effect at the top but there’s no option to choose that second colour?

I’ll show you why in a minute.

On this colour picker there are plenty of options to get started with and there’s a slider to make them more or less saturated to get the exact shade you want.

But for even more control you can press the colour picker in the top left corner and then from here you can get the exact colour you want using the iPhone colour picker.

Okay, I really like this pinky/purple colour.

So now let’s have a look at the gradient aspect and see if we can fine-tune that a little bit.

When I close the colour picker you’ll see at the bottom of the screen it says Bright, that’s because it’s applied a filter to that colour to give it the gradient effect.

As I swipe left and right you will notice that the background colour changes slightly – all based around the colour I chose.

But the way it’s presented changes from here.

You can choose to have a solid colour if you wish, or you can go for different gradient modes as well.

The one called Tone is quite nice because that doesn’t introduce a second colour it just makes the one you have chosen more or less saturated, but I do quite like it when the second colour gets pulled in.

In fact it’s inspired me to try and change my pink colour to something else see how that works.

So we’ll press the Colour icon in the bottom left corner and choose a new colour.

Aha, this looks great!

Let’s just swipe sideways and see how else it looks.

Oh look, Vibrant.

I think that works great with this shade of pink and I think that makes an awesome looking Gradient Wallpaper.

So we’re going to press Done and now when I apply that it will apply across my whole phone and I’ll have this lovely simple gradient that I’ve made myself.


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