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How to Automatically Switch Home Screens with Focus

22nd September 2021

Jacob Woolcock


With Focus modes on iOS 15 you can customise the notifications you receive and when you see them. But you can take it to another level by also customising the very way your phone looks and the apps it has on the Home Screen! Add custom widgets that only show up at work, have your fitness apps take center stage at the gym and SO much more. Here’s how it works!

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Video Transcript

With Focus on iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 you can customise the Home Screens of your devices based on where you are at that current time.

So here’s how it works.

On my iPhone I’ve made a new page of Apps and on here I’ve put a few Widgets there already.

And this is going to be the screen that I want on my phone when I arrive at work.

I don’t want all of my Social Media Apps on there or my games because that’s going to be distracting, so what I’m going to do is I’m going to add some Apps to this new Home Screen.

And the great thing in iOS 15 is that you can have multiple versions of Apps on your Home Screen.

That means you could have the App for Twitter on three different screens and show them at different times and places.

I can add an App by simply pulling down in the middle of my Home Screen and using the Spotlight Search to find the App I want.

So I’m going to add Showbie because that’s one I use all the time at school.

When I’ve found that App icon I’m going to use one finger to tap and hold it and with the other finger I’m going to press Cancel on my search in the corner.

Then I can drag-and-drop that App icon and put it on my new Home Screen.

I’ll do this again for another App that I use quite regularly.

But the really clever thing is you can drag-and-drop App icons from other places as well – like the App Library.

So if I swipe sideways to get the App Library and then find another App that I want to use at school (for example my school email client) I can then drag-and-drop the App straight from the App library onto that new Home Screen.

Okay let’s whizz forward a minute or two.

Now I’ve now got a completed Home Screen that looks like this – and you can see at the moment I’ve got three different pages of Apps on my iPhone.

I can swipe between them just like I would do normally, but I don’t want those first two pages to be there when I get to school – I just want that third page.

So I’m going to go into Settings and I’m going to go on to Focus.

From here I’m going to go into my work Focus and then I’m going to choose the option for my Home Screen.

There’s a handy toggle here to actually hide the Notification Dadges on the Apps (which is good if you’re trying to Focus on something in particular and you don’t want distractions).

I’m going to turn that on but then I’m also going to choose some custom Home Screens.

From here you’re going to get a new window coming up with all of your different Home Screens on there – and you’ll notice I’ve got more than three because I’ve set this up already for different Focus Modes.

So I’ll locate the Home Screen that I want to use and then I’ll tap on the Tick in the corner to select that as my Home Screen.

You can choose as many or as few as you want here.

Then let’s come out to the Settings App and go back to my iPhone Home Screen.

Now at the moment I’m not in Work Mode so I can see all of my Home Screens, but if I pull down to Control Centre and then tap and hold on Focus to activate Work Mode you’ll then see that I’ve only got that one page of Apps.

I can swipe sideways but there’s no more Apps there!

If I’ve set my Focus to change automatically at a location then this will happen as soon as I arrive at school, and it will change back when I leave after work.

However if I go to Control Centre now and switch that Focus Mode off you’ll notice that I’ve still got three pages of Apps – my two main pages and that third page.

Well really I don’t want that third page at home so I’m going to tap and hold to go into Jiggle Mode, and I’m going to press the Page Indicator dots at the bottom above the dock.

From here I have the option to show or hide any of the Home Screens that I’ve made already.

So I’m going to un-tick that last work Home Screen.

Then my phone looks just like I did before with my two Home Screens for use at home and, when I go to work and change that Focus Mode, I should get my new work Home Screen.

I think this is a really great feature and it will really help me stay more Focused and more organised whether I’m at work, at home making videos, or out traveling.

Check out my other video on using Focus Modes and maybe as well you might like to check out my video on changing your Wallpaper when you get to a certain location – because imagine combining Focus Modes with custom Home Screens and a custom Wallpaper when you arrive somewhere!

There’s so much customisation you can do on your iPhone with iOS 15.

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