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How to get a Daily Siri Briefing with the Daily Update feature

8th November 2020

Jacob Woolcock


In this short tutorial I’ll show you how you can use the brand new Daily Update feature built into iOS 14.2 to make Siri your own personal assistant. You’ll get a daily schedule of events, local weather, reminders, travel time and even a local news bulletin just through Siri. This works great on your iPhone or iPad or even through CarPlay or your new HomePod Mini!

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Video Transcript

There’s a brand new feature for Siri in iOS 14.2 where Siri can give you a full rundown of your day’s events.

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So this Daily Update is a really simple feature but it’s actually really helpful and I’ve used it several times already today.

So basically it’s going to give you your upcoming Calendar events, Siri’s going to give you reminders that apply today, travel times, weather and, if you want to at the end, a News summary from your local news provider as well.

And to get it started just like this you need to go “Hey Siri, what’s my update?”

“Good morning, it’s currently clear and nine degrees. Expect partly cloudy skies and wind for this morning. Today’s high will be 12 degrees. Your next event is at 8 45a.m – Class 11 Maths. It should take around 15 minutes to get to work. You have two reminders from earlier – bin day and recycling day. And now for the news or if you want you can say remove the news from my update.”

“Hello this is BBC News. Votes are still being counted in the US Presidential Election with many analysts saying that the Democrat…”

And you may have heard that from Siri at the end that you can customise your updates slightly too.

For example you can remove that news section if it doesn’t apply to you or if you’re not interested.

The news itself will vary depending on what country you’re from.

For me in the UK I’ve got BBC News and it will play a short two minute podcast with all the latest news headlines.

Lots of really helpful information to get you started on your day and you can do it on your iPhone, your iPad, in your car with CarPlay or even on your HomePod.

It will work across Siri on all devices.


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