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How to make your own Custom Widgets with Widgetsmith

19th September 2020


| Widgetsmith
11" iPad Pro (2nd Generation)
iPadOS 14

Jacob Woolcock

19th September 2020

Jacob Woolcock



| Widgetsmith
11" iPad Pro (2nd Generation)
iPadOS 14

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In this short tutorial I’ll show you how to use the great new Widgetsmith app (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/widgetsmith/id1523682319) on your iPad or iPhone to create your own customised, personal widgets. Change the style, content, colour, font – just about everything. With this guide you’ll be cresting your own aesthetically pleasing iOS14 homescreen in no time at all. These custom widgets work alongside all the other widgets on iPadOS 14 and iOS14 and can even be used in Smart Stacks!


Customising the look of your Home Screen has never been easier

than it is on iOS14.

Let me show you how you can use Widgetsmith to create your own Custom Widgets

to make your iPhone or iPad look just the way you want.

Widgetsmith is a free app and it’ll basically let you create as many widgets as you like

– and you can customise tons of details about them.

Let’s get started. I’m going to open up the Widgetsmith app

and the first choice to make is whether you want a Small, Medium or Large widget.

I’m going to go for Medium because I want to create a Photo Widget.

On here you can tap on Default Widget

and then you can make changes as you need to.

There are lots of templates ready to go, but I’m going to scroll right down to Photo Album

and from here I have the option to choose an album from the Photos app.

So my top tip here is to make an album just for photos that you want to appear in your widget

and select that album – then you know you’ll get the best of your pictures.

Select your album, press the back button and then at the top of that panel

You’re going to rename your widget. This will make it easier for later.

Back to my Home Screen now and I’ll add a Widget by pressing and holding

and I’m going to choose Widgetsmith in the Widget Browser.

I’ll then choose the Medium widget and you’ll notice that it’s grey at the moment

– that’s because there’s no set style for this Widget – it’s complexly flexible.

Drag that over to where you want it to go

and then tap anywhere on the home screen to go back into normal mode.

You’re then going to long press on your widget, and you’re going to press Edit.

From here you can pick from any of the widgets you’ve created inside Widgetsmith that fit the size.

I’m going to choose my Favourite Photo widget

and you should see that it loads up your chosen widget.

But I’m not going to stop here, let’s make another widget!

So we’ll go straight back into Widgetsmith and we’ll make another Medium sized one I think.

From here let’s go down to Calendar – and I’ll make one that shows my Upcoming Events.

But this is not going to be like the built in Apple one, I’m going to customise it completely!

When you’ve chosen the style you’ll notice at the bottom I’ve got some tabs to tap through.

I’m going to choose here what Font I want

– I’ll go for San Francisco Mono because that’s the one I quite like

And then you can choose the colour as well.

You might have noticed that I’m quite a fan of Teal, so I’ll choose that colour.

You can even change the background colour – I’ll pick another one that works well with Teal –

and add a border colour to your widget if you’d like as well.

This degree of flexibility makes for millions of different combinations

and you can make your widgets look exactly as you want them to be.

I’ll press the back button, quickly rename it at the top and

then come out of Widgetsmith completely.

I’ll add my Widget, just like before

By dragging out the medium sized placeholder

and then I’ll press and hold on it to choose the name of the widget I want from the Edit Widget menu.

I’ll scroll to my Upcoming Events and then you’ll see my new widget on my home screen in all its glory.

This works just as well on iPhone as it does on iPad so give it a go and get creative!

Hey, thanks for watching that video!

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for your iPad or to use in your classroom,

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About Widgetsmith
Widgetsmith is a customisation app for iOS that allows users to create personalised widgets for their home screen. It offers a wide range of widget styles, including calendars, weather, photos, and more, enabling users to tailor their home screen appearance and functionality to their preferences.

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This QuickTip video was recorded on an 11" iPad Pro (2nd Generation)
running iPadOS 14.

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