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How to use Photos Visual Lookup

23rd September 2021

Jacob Woolcock


A clever new feature in the Photos app on iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, called Siri Visual Lookup, will use on-device Siri intelligence to find more information about your photos. Maybe details of the landmark you’ve photographed, or the breed of dog in an image? It can even help you recognise plants and works of art. Check out this shoer Quick Tip to find out how it works.

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Video Transcript

A clever new feature in the Photos app will now let you use Siri Knowledge to get more information about what’s in your Photos.

Here’s how it works…

When you open up a photo in the Photos app there is a little information button at the bottom that looks like an ‘I’ in a circle.

Now, if there are some little stars on that icon that means that Siri has found something in your picture that it can give you extra information about.

So I’ve got a picture here of Cologne Cathedral and if I press that ‘I’ button that now has stars on it you’ll get an information tab sliding up with more details about that photo as well as useful information like when and where the picture was taken.

There’s now a section at the top called Look Up and if I tap on there it will look up the landmark in that photo.

And there, just like that, I can get loads more information on Cologne Cathedral.

I could get directions there, I could find similar pictures, or I could use a Wikipedia article to learn more about the Cathedral and its origins.

If I come off there and go onto a new picture and press the ‘I’ again I’ll get a different set of results.

So here i’ve got a nice photo of a forest that I explored just outside of London and if I press that ‘I’ with a little star button on it I can then do a look up on the plants in this picture.

This works great if you’ve got an unknown plant in your garden or if you’re out on a walk and you want to identify something.

But here it’s telling me these are Pine trees and the woods are called Pinewood so that does make sense.

This feature also works for pets like dogs and cats.

So I’ve got a lovely photo here of my Mum’s puppy Poppy and if I tap on that ‘I’ button and do a look up on the pet you’ll see a little paw print on Poppy’s nose.

If I tap on that it will give me information about what breed of dog Siri thinks that might be and it is indeed a Labrador so it’s got it right for me this time.

This works on quite a few different objects in your Photos whether it be a plant, or an animal, a landmark, a book, or even a piece of artwork that you photographed and of course yes it works on iPad too.

So on the iPad I’ve got the information button in the top right corner but when I tap on there I get the same information sheet coming up and just like on the iPhone it will identify all of those things.

So I can get more information about my Bird of Paradise plant straight from within the Photos app.

It’s quite good fun digging down multiple layers to find more information and related pictures about the one that you’ve captured.

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