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How to use Voice Control to take a “Hands-Free Selfie” on your iPhone or iPad

5th July 2020

Jacob Woolcock


As part of the ADE Festival of Learning 2020 educators around the world are being challenged to take a “Hands-Free Selfie” using the built in Voice Control Accessibility feature in iOS and iPadOS. This quick video will take you through the process of setting it up and how it works, leaving you to take as many Hands-Free Selfies as you like!

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Video Transcript

Let me show you a really neat way to take a selfie, without using your hands – Inspired by this weeks ADE Festival or Learning

To get this working you need to enable Voice Control, so jump into Settings and scroll to find Accessibility and scroll down until you see Voice Control.

On here flick the switch to On – and be aware that your iPad needs to download a couple of files in the background to make this work offline.

When that’s done you’ll see a Microphone icon in the very top right corner of your toolbar – that means Voice Control is on and listening.

Here’s me talking through a demo live, on my iPad, to take a photo whilst doing something that would only really happen during a lockdown.

“Open Camera”

“Show names”

“Tap Camera Chooser”

“Tap Timer”

“Tap Three Seconds”

“Tap Take Photo”

“Show Names”

“Tap Photo and Video Viewer”

I can’t wait to see everyones Hands-Free Selfies this week as part of the ADE Festival of Learning.

Keep an eye on Twitter on the #ADE2020 hashtag to see what others are doing.

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