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Using Multiple Commands with Siri in iOS 17

27th August 2023

Jacob Woolcock



Join me in uncovering the wonders of iOS 17’s Siri enhancements in this QuickTips tutorial. In this video, I’ll walk you through the exciting changes that allow you to use Siri in a whole new way. Say hello to chained commands that streamline your tasks and the convenience of Siri keeping its ears open at all times. And now you don’t have to say ‘Hey’ before every Siri interaction, your device interactions become even more fluid and intuitive.

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Video Transcript

As well as losing the ‘Hey’ from Hey Siri, you can now chain commands together which means that you haven’t got to keep saying Hey Siri, Hey Siri, Hey Siri in between each command!

Now that sounds a bit weird, but this is how it actually works in practice…

[Jacob] “Hey Siri, what’s the temperature in the bedroom?”

[Siri] “It’s 23.3 degrees Celsius in the bedroom”

[Jacob] “Ah okay, in that case put the fan on”

It’s remembered that I was talking about the bedroom and it’s chosen the bedroom fan as opposed to anything else.

This a more natural conversation.

Let’s try one more…

[Jacob] “Siri turn the bedroom lights on”


[Jacob] “And could you also turn the fan off in 10 minutes”

And just like that there’s an automation to turn the fan off in 10 minutes time.

You can chain multiple commands together, not just two at a time, and it will remember what you were doing as you’re going forwards in that command.

That means you haven’t got to keep repeating yourself time and time again when talking to Siri – and that’s another little thing that makes your iPhone even better with iOS 17.


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