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How to Set Up and Use Multiple Timers in the Clock App on iOS 17

30th August 2023

Jacob Woolcock



In this short tutorial, I’ll guide you through the process of setting up and efficiently using multiple timers in the Clock app on iOS 17. Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast wanting to perfect your cooking timing or simply looking for better time management, this feature is about time too! With the latest update, Apple has finally addressed the need, allowing us to set multiple timers for various tasks. Join me as I demonstrate how to seamlessly manage multiple timers, making your daily routines smoother than ever before.

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Video Transcript

Well, the day has finally come!

We can now have multiple timers on iPhone – it only took, what, 17 years?!

Anyway, forget all that here’s how they work…

I’m going to jump into the Clock app and at the bottom I’m going to Timers just like I would do normally.

Now, this whole screen has been changed in iOS 17 and you can access recently used timers, so if you regularly have the same timer you can quickly get it from here.

But that’s not why you’re watching this video!

If we go back to the top we’re going to start a new timer and we’re going to give it a name as well – this is also new in iOS 17.

So if I’m in kitchen doing some cooking I know that the burgers in and they come out in about 25 minutes time, so I’ll give this timer a name and then start it off as per usual.

In the past this is all you could do, you could set a timer and leave it running.

But actually I need to put the chips in in five minutes time – I don’t want to forget that!

So I’m just going to press the Plus button in the top corner, start a new timer for five minutes, call this one “put the chips in” and then press Go.

And just like you’d expect I’ve now got a second timer on the go.

Let’s quickly add one last timer to get the salad and burger buns ready to go, and we’ll start that one off in about 20 minutes time.

Now these timers are all running simultaneously – of course we can see our timers on the main timer home page in Clock – but if I leave the app completely the Dynamic Island keeps you up to date as well.

It will show the timer that’s ending first up here, and if I long press on it I’ll get some more information.

And we can also access multiple timers on our Lock Screen too!

If I pull down from the top to go back to my Lock Screen, here you can see I’ve got a stack of timers.

I tap it on it once it lets me view all of them that are currently active, and from here I can pause and I can cancel timers as well.

This is not a life-changing update, but it sure is nice to have!


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