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Create your own "One Shot" Green Screen Effect

For this #QuickLesson we're going to learn how to use the Green Screen effect in iMovie to create a really fun and really simple effect that I'm calling 'One Shot' Green Screen. That's because rather than setting up different shots and carefully arranging a green background, this technique only requires one piece of video and some fun editing!

I'll teach you how to record your clip (and share some tips to make it look great!) and then how to use Keynote to add your own drawings, information or ideas to the video. Then we'll bring it all together in iMovie to create something really special.

Apps + Equipment

iMovie is a free app that runs on iPad. Make sure you've got this installed before starting the tutorial.

Also, you'll need something green! Maybe some green card or something like that?

Activity Length

Allow roughly an hour to complete this #QuickLesson. Most of the time will be spent creating the hand-drawn elements - i.e. the 'inside the brain' part.

Age Range

I'd teach this lesson to my Year 3's and up. As you get to older students you can really hone in on the concepts at play here and encourage them to be as creative as possible in their explorations of Green Screen.


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