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Create your own Interactive Winter Jumper in Scratch

For this #QuickLesson I'm going to introduce you to the brilliant drawing tools in Scratch 3 and talk you through the process of creating your own Christmas Jumper drawings. Once we've explored the drawing elements we'll then dive into coding. Just like with my own students I'll point you in the right direction with the coding but then you're free to experiment and create your own take on the program. I'll get you started, but you can finish this activity in whichever way you like.

Apps + Equipment

Scratch 3 is a free web app which works on iPads, Chromebooks and other devices. As long as you have access to Scratch this tutorial will work great.

Activity Length

Allow 1 to 2 hours to complete this #QuickLesson.

The main time is spent creating the drawings, which you can either focus on this for a large part of the lesson or do a slightly quicker job to get onto the coding sooner.

Age Range

I'd teach this lesson to my Year 4's and up. I think students younger than that would likely struggle with organising the Sprites and Costumes.


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