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Schedule an Email to Send Later

29th August 2022

Jacob Woolcock



The Mail app in iOS 16 will now let schedule an email to send later, at a time of your choosing. That means you can reply to emails in your own time but only send them during working hours. It’s a feature that Mail users have been desperate for, but now it’s finally here! Check out this short tutorial video to get to grips with how to use it.

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Video Transcript

The Mail app in iOS 16 has got a couple of nice new features to deal with messages later, here they are.

When I open up this email (which is from my very demanding boss demanding that I reply immediately!) I have an option to either reply there and then.

But really I don’t want to deal with this right now – it’s the weekend so what I can do is I can actually Snooze this email so it will disappear and it will remind me again when I want it to.

So I’m going to press the Reply button (which is the arrow) but then you get a whole host of options other than just replying.

I’m going to go on to Remind Me and then I can choose a date and time when I want this email to come back as an unread message in my Inbox.

It’s not going to delete the email, or hide it – in fact it will still be there in the Inbox for you.

But it will Mark As Unread at a time when you choose.

Another option that I’ve got is if I perhaps want to address it straight away but not necessarily let the person know I’ve done it straight away.

I can reply but then delay sending that reply.

So I’ll type a quick reply in the messages screen, but rather than pressing Send in the top right corner I’m going to tap and hold the Send button.

From here you can choose to Schedule that message to go out whenever you like.

That means I can choose for it to go at a certain time in the morning on a certain day.

Then when I press Send that message is not actually going to go straight away, it’s going to sit on my device until that time comes.

If I go into my folder browser, as well as having my Sent Messages, I’ve also got a Send Later box which has only appeared now because I’ve delayed this message.

Of course when it’s sent it will go out of there and into my normal Outbox.


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