Showbie, Numbers, Plickers + Swift Playgrounds

Episode 5:

Swift Playgrounds, Numbers, Plickers & Showbie

Chris Lawson 🇬🇧

Wigan, United Kingdom


Chris talks passionately about Showbie and how he's used it to turn his classroom paperless. He also dips into Socrative to demonstrate how closely the two apps link up.

Bikem Özdinç 🇹🇷

Istanbul, Turkey


Bikem shared an app called Plickers which she uses almost daily for assessment in her class. She tells us how the children love the interactive element and how beneficial this has been to her teaching.

Laura George 🇬🇧

Kent, United Kingdom


Laura has recently challenged herself to learn 90 new things about Numbers in her 90DaysOfNumbers challenge. Here she shares some top tips to make the most of this free app and talks about how it could help in your classroom.

Jacob Woolcock 🇬🇧

Cornwall, United Kingdom

Swift Playgrounds

This month I share the Swift Playgrounds app and talk about how we're using it in our school. I demonstrate how you can take it further than just 'Learn to Code 1 and 2' by exploring the extensive range of other resources that are available for free within the app.