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Take Control of Focus and Do Not Disturb Modes

29th May 2022

Jacob Woolcock



Do Not Disturb and Focus modes are both great features, but if you’re anything like me you’ll often end up leaving them on for far longer than you intended. In this short #QuickTips video I’ll show you how to take control of both Do Not Disturb and other Focus Modes to automatically switch them off at the right time.

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Video Transcript

The Do Not Disturb and Focus mode options are really clever on your iPhone and iPad – in fact you can customise how they come on and how long they stay on for just like this.

If I swipe down to bring up Control Center and then tap onto the Focus button we have that familiar list of different Focus modes.

And we know that we can tap on them to toggle them on or off.

But to the right hand side is a button that will give you more options with three dots on it.

If I tap on here for the top option of Do Not Disturb, I then have the option to enable this feature for an hour, or for the rest of the day, until the evening ,or until I leave my current location.

This is great if perhaps I’m in a meeting and I want to mute my phone for an hour, or perhaps I’ve gone to the cinema and I want to make sure my phone doesn’t buzz during the movie.

I can simply enable it to be on until I leave this current location.

But there’s more…

If I jump into the Calendar and just create this very important event for a top secret meeting then if I go back into Control Center and find Do Not Disturb again, on that options button I can now enable Do Not Disturb and it will automatically switch off when the Calendar event finishes.

And this works for other Focus modes as well.

All I have to do is press those three dots next to the name of my Focus mode and those options come up automatically for me.

This is a really clever way of controlling your Focus modes in a really easy way.


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