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How to Track Your Loved One’s Flight in Real-Time with Flighty App

30th April 2023

Jacob Woolcock


Are you tired of constantly refreshing the airline’s website to track your loved one’s flight? Look no further than the Flighty app! In this tutorial video, I’ll show you how to use the Flighty app for iPhone to track your friend or family member’s flight in real-time. From departure and arrival times to gate changes and delays, Flighty keeps you up-to-date every step of the way. Say goodbye to the stress of travel and hello to peace of mind with Flighty. Join me as I walk you through step-by-step and show you just how easy it is to track your loved one’s flight with Flighty. Don’t miss out on this ultimate guide to flight tracking!

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Video Transcript

If you’ve ever needed to track a friend or a family member’s flight perhaps to know when to meet them at the airport or to make them arrived safely at the destination then this is the app for you.

We’re going to use the Flighty app, and when you open it you can simply add a flight by using the search bar right here.

I’m going to search for a flight that’s coming into London from Seattle.

As long as you’ve got the flight number, Flighty will find that flight for you – and you can see as I’m typing it’s already found the airline and then it’s found the flight number as well.

When you’ve chosen the flight number, simply choose the day the flight departed (for me it actually departed yesterday but it’s due to arrive today) and then it will add it to your records in Flighty.

Now, because it’s not your flight, and if you’re someone that uses an app like Flighty already, you probably don’t want your own flight data to get messed up with this new flight.

So what I’m gonna do is I’m simply going to tap on where it says My Flight and then choose Friend’s Flight instead.

Alongside here you can also choose Live Activities, and I’d strongly recommend you have that on because it will give you up-to-date travel information for your Friend’s Flight on your Lock Screen or in the Dynamic Island or the iPhone 14 Pro.

As we scroll down this screen you actually get an absolute ton of information about the flight that your friend is on – from the departure time and the type of airplane, to when it will land, when it will arrive at the gate, and when you should be able to meet your friend.

When we come off of here we can toggle between My Flights and my Friend’s Flights by using a little drop down arrow, and you can see a live preview of where their plane is on that journey if they’re in flight.

It’s really important we add it as a Friend’s Flight because if I go onto my flight logbook in Flighty I’ll see all of my previous travel – and I don’t really want this flight from Seattle to be on there because it’s not me on that plane.

Of course the best thing about Flighty is the Live Activities and these will stay with me even when I’m not using the app, as long as the flight is in the air.

So if I come out of Flighty you’ll see the Dynamic Island at the top of my iPhone has now got information about that flight in it, and if I long press I’ll get more information now as well.

And because it’s a Live Activity it works on the Lock Screen too – so if I go back to my Lock Screen I can then see exactly when that flight is due to land, so I can make it to the airport on time.

And that’s a really quick guide to Flighty – there are hundreds more tips for your iPhone or my channel down below.


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