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How to Automatically get Voice Messages Transcribed in iOS 17

27th August 2023

Jacob Woolcock


In this QuickTips tutorial I’m diving deep into iOS 17 to show you an incredibly useful feature: how to automatically transcribe voice messages to text. No more struggling to catch every detail – with this easy-to-follow guide, I’ll walk you through the steps to effortlessly convert those voice messages into written form. Whether you want to keep track of important information or simply read what you’d usually listen to later, this voice-to-text transcription trick is a game-changer. Join me as I explore the ins and outs of this fantastic feature, making your iPhone experience even more productive and accessible.

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Video Transcript

Now, if you’re anything like me there’s probably nothing that annoys you more in the world than getting a Voice Message in the text thread.

I’m texting you, I don’t want to phone you!

Anyway when you get that Voice Message you have to find somewhere quiet, then you have to listen to it and remember what was said before it gets deleted. It’s a whole thing!

Well iOS 17 is here to help.

As you can see while I’ve been talking, that very annoying Jacob has been sending me a Voice Message.

I won’t be able to listen to it – I’m too busy I’m making videos, but look iOS17 has transcribed that message for me!

And I can tap on here and read the whole message without ever having to listen to it.

That means if I’m on the train or I’ve got no signal, if it’s just really noisy – I can still see what was said and I can decide if I need to reply to it now or not.

Now this is a really great feature, but it only works between people who are up to date on their iOS versions.

So if you’re messaging someone from an older device you, won’t see that transcription.

And at the moment it only works in US English – so if you’re not on US English and you want to try it you need to go to Settings, and then Region and change your region to the United States.

I’m sure be coming everywhere else really soon, but it’s a really cool feature in iOS 17 and there are dozens more features in iOS 17 to make your life just a little bit better on your phone.

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