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How to Undo Sending an Email

29th August 2022

Jacob Woolcock



With iOS 16 you can undo sending an email if you’ve sent it by accident. No more sending the wrong message to the wrong person, or having to apologise for forgetting that attachment. You can now just undo the email send and correct the message before sending it again. This short tutorial video shows you exactly how it works.

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Video Transcript

Have you ever sent an email only to realise a couple of seconds later it’s gone to the wrong person, or you said the wrong thing, or there’s an awful typo in it?1

Well iOS16 has got your back now and you can resend that email by undoing it.

So I’ve got a very tempting offer here in my Inbox (and I’m sure that it’s completely legit) so I’m going to go ahead and reply to that saying “Yes please!”

When I’ve typed my reply I’m going to send the message as normal…

Actually hang on, no, maybe that wasn’t legit?!

But it’s too late – I’ve sent it.

Not to panic, if I press the Back button to go back to my Inbox at the bottom of my screen there’s a new Undo Send button.

Now, you have 10 seconds from sending a message to recalling it.

Beyond that point it’s too late.

But that’s enough time for most common things.

When you press Undo Send it then brings that message back up on the screen for you, and you can make any amendments and changes before sending it again.

Of course then you’ve got another 10 seconds to Undo it should you wish, but I’m happy this time.

I’m not going to fall for this naughty persons scam – and just to check that the first message didn’t send, if I go into my Sent Items mailbox you’ll see that only the second email is in there, because the first one was never sent in the first place.


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