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12th December 2022


| Freeform

Jacob Woolcock

12th December 2022

Jacob Woolcock



| Freeform

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A key part of using Freeform is knowing how to use Photos and Videos effectively. In this short tutorial I’ll show you ho to insert both photos and videos as well as how to style, resize and adjust them. I’ll also teach you how to use other shapes from the Shape Library to mask your photos to make them more interesting and dynamic.


Okay, now we’ve got our text labels, our sticky notes and our symbols it’s time to add some photos and even videos to our Board.

I’ve got to Finder window open here of a few photographs that I found of Tokyo and other places in Japan.

And all I’m going to do is click and drag one of them onto my Board.

That picture will then be embedded straight onto my Board and by default it will have some nice rounded corners and a subtle drop shadow.

It’s hard to see, but I’ll zoom in gently for you now.

It is very subtle but it just makes the picture stand out a little bit from the page.

Of course if I right click I can turn off the drop shadow and the rounded corners (or any combination of those two) to perfect exactly how this looks.

And I can add more than one picture at a time as well!

If I go back into my Finder window and select the other ones (by holding the Command key down) I can then drop multiple pictures on it once and rearrange them however I like.

There are other ways I can customise my images as well though.

In fact all those shapes that we used in the last video – every single one of those could be used to customise the shape of our image.

For example if I grab a circle and then just resize it to cover my image, then all I have to do is click and drag a box that highlights both my original photograph and my circular shape.

And then by using the Format toolbar and going down to Image I can then Mask it with that shape.

I can change the zoom of my picture and readjust it in that frame, and when I press Done I’ve now got a lovely circular photo instead.

I’m going to go ahead and do this to all the rest of my pictures after this tutorial is finished, but one last thing to quickly mention here is that you can embed videos into your Freeform Board as well.

So back into my Finder window I’ve got this lovely video, and when I click and drag that onto my Board it will embed it there and then with a little play button in the corner.

If you press play you can watch the video while it’s there and you can carry on working on other parts of your Board at the same time.

In the next video we’ll have a look at how we can use connecting lines to join all of these random objects together and to start giving our board some more structure, so I’ll see you in the next video in a moment or two.

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The Freeform app is a versatile digital canvas developed by Apple, designed for creative brainstorming and collaborative projects. It allows users to freely sketch, write, and organise ideas visually and supports real-time collaboration.

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