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Add Photos and Ratings in Maps

29th August 2022

Jacob Woolcock



With iOS 16 you can now add your own Photographs to locations in the Maps app, creating richer and more interesting results for everyone. You can also add ratings to the places you’ve visited, to quickly inform other people about whether or not this is a place they should visit. In this quick how-to video I’ll show you exactly how it works.

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Video Transcript

In the Maps app on your iPhone you can add Ratings and Photographs to places you visited to help other people find treasures nearby.

If I go into the Maps app I’m going to go to a National Trust garden that I visited recently called Trelissick.

When I go onto hereIi get a little card at the bottom with information about that location

On here we get lots of information about opening times, a description – that sort of thing.

But there are also some photographs that people have shared and uploaded from their iPhones.

Now, at the top of this screen there’s a little banner that notices that I’ve been here recently and I’ve taken some pictures – and it invites me to upload those into Maps.

So i’m going to tap onto there and then we get a new screen that comes up asking us to give a rating to this place.

I really enjoyed my visit to this garden, so I’ll give it a Thumbs Up.

And then you can see it’s actually displaying photographs that Photos has found which I took at that location.

In fact, there’s me walking around the gardens!

I want to upload a particular picture though, so I’m going to press More and then I can search my Photo Album by the location.

That’s better.

I’m going to choose a couple of pictures from here and then when I go back into the Maps screen I can select just those pictures to add to my rating.

Now I’ve done that, I can confirm and share those pictures into the Maps app.

Obviously be careful with what you’re sharing here, and make sure you’re happy for other people to see it – because it will be added to the Maps database for anyone who goes to that location in the future.

This is really handy because when you go into a different destination, or when you’re looking up somewhere to explore, it means you get much more interesting information.

You get ratings, positive and negative feedback and you get some lovely photographs taken by real people at that location too.


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