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Track Apple Pay Orders in the Wallet App

29th August 2022

Jacob Woolcock



With iOS 16 you can now track orders in real time using the Apple Wallet app. When you pay with Apple Pay you’ll now see an additional option to follow the status of an order live in the Wallet app, including push notifications when the status changes. Keep a track of your upcoming deliveries, reservations and purchases with this handy new feature for Apple Pay in the Wallet app.

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Video Transcript

Purchases that you make with Apple Pay will now be able to be tracked in the Wallet app (provided the merchant supports it).

That means you can find your delivery details and order status as quickly as this.

So in the Wallet app there’s a new button at the top with a little parcel icon on there, and when you jump onto there you’re going to see any orders that have got this feature enabled.

I’m using some demo orders that Apple have provided, and there’s one here for a bakery order.

As you can see, when I tap onto the order page, I get more details about this order: the items I’ve purchased, order reference numbers, and you can see it’s ready for pick up.

For this particular order, because it’s an in-person one, I can even bring up a barcode to scan when I get to the bakery to collect my order.

But what about things are being delivered by post?

Well here’s another example…

Now I’m going to buy some things from a pet store online.

After completing the transaction on my device I’m going to see this appear in the Wallet app.

Now I’ve got my order details here, so the things that I’ve bought and the confirmation number.

And if I go back to my Order Overview screen (which is the one you get by pressing the parcel icon on the Wallet home page) I can then see a second order alongside the bakery one.

But you might be thinking, well what happens if the order changes if something is dispatched or maybe there’s a problem?

Well it will change just like this…

As the order shipment progresses, the tracking will update in the Wallet app as well.

You’ll get a Push Notification each time it changes so you can tap on there and see what’s happening – and it’s really easy to access tracking information and communicate with the seller.

When the order is complete it will then be archived in the Wallet app, which means that it won’t show up as an in-progress delivery but instead will be broken down by month and year.

You can still explore these previous deliveries if you want to, but new ones will appear at the top of the screen.


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